DEKOLIGHT Controller RF, RGBW, SET with 12-48V, 15A receiver

349,00 HK$

The RF Controller RGBW is a simple but very useful tool to install a simple dimming system in your LED projects. Delivery with intuitive handheld remote.

The RF Series is a simple but very useful tool to create your LED projects with stunning RGBW effects. An intuitive handheld remote controller also allows the endusers to access and change the light settings.

  • Color selection via RGB color wheel
  • White adjustment via separate switch
  • Program, program speed and dimmer selection
  • Remote control unit can be linked with additional RGBW receivers
  • 12 fixed programs for recall
  • RJ45 sockets for Master / Slave function with other units to realise big installations
Technical Data
Max. load per Channel 4x 45W @ 12V
Max. load per Channel 4x 90W @ 24V
Max. load per Channel 4x 180W @ 48V
Total maximum load max. 720W
Input voltage DC 12-48 V
Input current max. 15A
Connection possibility Screw terminals & RJ45 sockets
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Transmission range approx. 20m
Working temperature -20˚C – +50˚C
Storage temperature -20˚C – +50˚C
IP rating IP-20
Channels 4
Material PC housing
Color Black
Mounting Screw holes & DIN-rail adapter
Length 115 mm
Width 57 mm
Height 25 mm
Weight 0.14 kg

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