Manufacturing Service


As part of our manufacturing service, we offer OEM & ODM for high power COB LEDs and high efficient LED modules for commercial and industrial lighting applications. If you are interested, please contact us and we will work out individual offers for your application.


Even though there is a large variety of COB LEDs available on the market already, fixtures with reflector systems may require a different approach. We have the experience, expertise as well as the possibilities to offer you a wide range of customized COB LEDs. We have successfully finished projects with RGB, RGBW, RGBA, White & Amber as well as Warm White & Cool White LEDs.


Dimming, tunable white as well as color control require a lot more technology than you can find on the market. Specially when you want to design smaller or very unique looking products. In the past we have designed a series of LED driver modules as well as controllers using DMX and other protocols helping clients to control their light fixtures. TV suitable refresh rates and other requirements are well known topics.


If your designers have designed a light fitting but your are struggling to find a suitable LED module to bring your ideas to live, we are confident to deliver what you need. We only use the brightest LED Chips available and can customize PCBs to meet your demands. We can deliver PCB samples in short time for very low sample fees.


Besides LED modules and driver PCBs you also want the little extra to make your product outstanding ? We can help you to create your own Software. We are happy to give advice what is needed based on our experience as well as how we can integrate all your ideas and still have an easy to use product suitable for your market.


You need assistance with production of your light fixture ? We are experts from transforming your design ideas into a finished product. From a first 3D printout to a final off-tool sample we will guide you through the whole process. In the past we have developed tooling for heatsinks, LED Streetlights, Downlights, Track Lights and a large range of profiles for linear lighting applications.


If you are a manufacturer, you may come across some parts that you need but you cannot find on the market. Usually you will have to make a compromise and change the product in a way that you will not be 100% satisfied. No matter if you customized silicone seals, CNC parts or special glasses we are happy to assist you with these important components.