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Our new and universal Bluetooth control »Quasar« enables you to use and control all common lighting components such as lights, lamps, LED strips etc. as well as electrical devices with AC 220-240V mains voltage. You decide whether you want to do this conveniently via smartphone, tablet and / or light switches. Through the integrated inputs for conventional light switches, »Quasar« can be perfectly integrated into an existing electrical installation and thus also into the existing switch range. It does not matter whether you want to plan, modernize or expand a new building.
Thanks to the pre-configured Quasar modules installation and commissioning are child’s play. Immediately after connection, all necessary function tests of the
connected components can be carried out. This reduces installation costs and increases efficiency.
With the app, we also made sure to create a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. It controls both all standard functions that are also available when operated with switches, as well as the many additional and automatic functions that make your lighting control system »smart« and comfortable. So there are almost no limits to your imagination.

Speaking of limits – thanks to the latest Bluetooth mesh technology and the interaction of the individual modules, these automatically connect to form a network with which even complex lighting control networks with extensive
requirement profiles can be set up. Every module is part of the network and thus also extends the range of the radio network, but can also be completely independent.

Quasar is simple, flexible, comfortable, safe and incredibly smart.

Quasar IOS

By using the two modules there are countless connection options for almost all types of common lights, illuminants and components. From conventional light
bulbs, LED / retro-Fit lamps, LED lights with permanently installed electronic ballasts, power supplies with 0-10V / 1-10V control input, 1-4 channel LED strips and all compatible devices and consumers that can be switched or dimmed using 230V mains voltage.

Due to the compact design and depending on the application, the modules can often be installed almost »invisibly« directly in the junction box, in the lamp canopy or with the power supply. The modules are already pre-configured for
the most common applications, which means that the most important functions can be operated and tested using the switch inputs after installation, even without using the Quasar app. A multi-coloured signal LED inside the module
provides information about the operating status and any faults at any time.

Depending on the Quasar module used and the connected one consumers can select the required operating mode quickly and easily. Switching, dimming, different modes for 1-4 channel LED strips and a special sensor mode enable previously unimagined control options and functions.

Many switching parameters such as the duty cycle, dimming behaviour, soft start, switch-on and switch-off delays as well as the minimum and maximum brightness can be adapted to the respectively connected lights or consumers.

The Quasar app also offers you extensive options, depending on the time of day, day or weekday. A time-dependent HCL light colour control [Human Centric Lighting] is also easily possible using the automatic time synchronization function of all modules with suitable lights.

The modules can be used as individual, autonomously operating controllers or in combination with many others controllers they work in networked operation. No central control unit is required. Every controller can be operated by up to 4 buttons, by app for smartphone / tablet or in combination with app and button respectively. This ensures that you can switch the lighting quickly and easily always on entering or leaving a room.

By using the latest microprocessors and encrypted Bluetooth mesh radio technology, the Quasar modules offer maximum security and maximum range. Each module also serves as a repeater within the network and increases the range accordingly. Any Quasar module can be used as a repeater to connect controllers that are too far away. Both the Quasar control modules and the Quasar app can be kept up to date by software updates if required. So you always enjoy the full and updated range of functions.

If you want to operate the Quasar modules with a smartphone or tablet [Android / iOS, compatible from BT4.2], download the Quasar app – available free of charge in the App / Play-Store and and install the app. Then everything
is lightning fast: create a free user account via the intuitive menu, log in, set up the rooms in which Quasar modules are installed, scan the assembled and operational controllers and configure them according to your wishes.
Your smart Quasar network is ready.

Quasar smart home

By using a Quasar module, for example, a timecontrolled night light with a defined minimum brightness can be switched on or by linking to a motion detectors. This creates security and also protects your wallet.

Who does not know the problem that there is basically a power supply at the position for the installation of a motion detector, but no cables are laid to the lights to be controlled. Quasar also becomes a problem solver here. Thanks to the special sensor mode of the HVM controller, you can switch any number of modules within range. Consequently make every twilight switch, motion detector, light barrier etc. with 230V switching output into a radio sensor.

By illuminating paths, natural stone walls, sculptures or plants you create a very special and magical ambience. You can easily control everything with the Quasar modules. Here you have the choice whether automatic or time-controlled programs, linked motion sensors or whether you want to control the lighting manually.
Our tip: With a few additional components, you can switch many 230V consumers with the Quasar HVM controller. e. g. automate a fountain or circulation pump of a swimming pond from a distance or switch manually.

Network different luminaires that previously had to be switched on and off individually due to the lack of cables, to one area. In addition, the light control can be automated by an automatic timer and, incidentally, a lot of electricity can be saved.

Individual lights or the complete lighting equipped with Quasar can be controlled. It does not matter whether luminaires with classic lamps, LEDs with ballasts or LED strips are installed. With Quasar everything can be controlled at a glance and comfortably from a central location using a smartphone or a conventional button.

Wake up your kids with slowly brightening lights [wake-up sunrise] or let them fall asleep with a sunset simulation. Of course, all other common lights can also be controlled. If desired, all functions can also be started via smartphone or tablet.

Use the new possibilities of an HCL control [Human Centric Lighting], in which the light colour and intensity are automatically adjusted to the time of day and the location. The positive effect of a light adapted to the daily rhythm increases well-being considerably.

In addition to bedroom lighting, control all of the quasar modules throughout the house comfortably from your bed. So you never have to get up to switch off forgotten lights.

Create additional security e.g. by linking a button of a Quasar module with other components in the bedroom. In this way, you can easily and inexpensively install one or more »panic buttons« in your installation. As soon as you press this button, the light goes on on all linked modules and thus possibly also outdoors, and any intruders are deterred.

Transform your bathroom into a wellness area and control, for example, coloured LED strips with Quasar. Dim lighting and automatic colour changes complete the installation and make the controls child’s play.
Our tip: With a few additional components, you can control many 230V consumers with the Quasar HVM controller for example switching on an additional heater from a distance.