Deko-Light Lighting
Indoor & Outdoor LED

Lighting Soultions

LED Lighting is a very fast growing market with an overflow of new products getting introduced on monthly basis. Our portfolio contains all the major categories that you will need for successful installations and project planning. From a simple LED light bulb to high lumens outdoor products, we are here to serve you.


Indoor Lighting

Are your looking for pendant lamps, wall lamps, down lights or other indoor lighting ? We have a full product range available and can help you to find the best suitable product for your project.





Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting products need to fulfill various requirements in order to operate safely for a long time. We have carefully preselected our products and can assist you to make the right choice.





Office Lighting

With the fast evolving LED applications, office lighting expectations have grown a lot. We have done our homework and are are happy to share our experience with you to achieve the best results.





Industrial Lighting

High lumens, low power consumption and long term liability are the conditions for successful industrial lighting projects. We are able to help you with our product range or do ODM for you.





Linear Lighting

Linear lighting became trend in past two year and the increasing luminous efficacy of the LEDs enables us to transform linear lighting into general lighting using all its design advantages.





Pool Lighting

Acidic or alkaline environments are only one of many challenges when it comes to underwater lighting installations. We have a series of products to realized your projects and fulfill the demands.





Special Lighting

LED Stadium Lighting, customized LED modules, special color COB LEDs, reflectors, drivers, power supplies or just metal components are services we offer to bring your projects to live.