Dynasty Club
Dynasty Club
Dynasty Club
Dynasty Club
Dynasty Club
Dynasty Club
Dynasty Club
Dynasty Club
Dynasty Club
Dynasty Club

The Dynasty Club

  • YEAR : 2013
  • LOCATION : Hong Kong, China
  • CATEGORY : Restaurant
  • PLANNING : TELCS Lighting Design
  • CLIENT : Keybase Project Contracting

The Dynasty Club is one of the most prestigious private membership clubs in Hong Kong.
It is conveniently located within the same complex as the world renowned “The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre” and Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.
After opening in 1989 it had a major renovation of the 7th Floor in 2011 to rejuvenate the Club.

In 2013 the 8th floor was renovated as well.

In order to achieve maximum energy savings and perfectly set the high-end veneers and finishes into scenery, the lighting design firm TELCS chose a mixture of LED and fluorescent light fittings and placed them in minute details for best effects.
Knowing that many dimming systems have problems with the dimming of LED’s TELCS chose the only Dimming system in the world that can dim all LED’s* without a problem, the ELTAKO Bus Building management system.
It was the first installation of probably the worlds most efficient and low energy dimming System in Hong Kong.
ELTAKO is one of the very few dimming systems that can dim all dimmable LED fixtures flicker free and the only one that offers various dimming curves to detect or set the most suitable one for the connected LED fixture manually.
In addition ELTAKO has wireless switches with an energy harvesting technology that do not need batteries, but use the kinetic energy of the switching process, to send a radio signal.

List of ELTAKO Components:

  • 70x FUD14 Universal dimmers 400W & 800W, to dim all light fixtures with leading edge or trail dimmable power supplies
  • 34x FSR14-4X 4 channel multi-switches, to control up to 136 switched circuits
  • 18x FSG14 1-10V actuators, for cove lightings and dimmable Athenik light fixtures
  • 5x FAM14 Bus controllers
  • 32x Wireless Enocean Sensors FT55
  • 1x GFVS Touch Screen Display to monitor all light settings and controlled areas



Hong Kong, China




TELCS Lighting Design


Keybase Project Contracting