Backlite Panel EcoB Series

Backlite Panel EcoB

It is very unlikely that ceiling installations really require a maximum height of 10mm, therefore it might be the time to take a different approach and safe some costs while generating a higher light output.

As we wrote in our article about our LED Panel 5K it is very difficult to make these panels at low cost and have them last a very long time but if you can allow a little more installation height or convince your client to do so there are plenty of advantages using BackLite LED Panels.

Advantages are simply lower prices due to easier production, higher efficiency and easier sealing of the whole fixture.

Direct Light is always more efficient

Instead of a thin aluminium rail on the frame, you can use the full-back panel of the housing and distribute the LEDs evenly. Eliminating the light loss of the light guide and various foils to create a proper reflection also helps to safe energy.

High mechanical stress can easily displace the light guide

As much as we improved the mechanics of our standard LED panels. Rough handing on construction sites still left some marks and light guides had to be put back into the perfect position for some panels. This issue can now be fully avoided if you allow a little more installation height.